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Why choose Desert Palm Candles when there are other potential fundraising partners?

We believe in giving back, first to the Sepsis Foundation and second, to our communities. By choosing Desert Palm Candles for your fundraiser, you’ve selected a partner who is truly focused on making a difference.

How much will our organization earn and is there a minimum requirement for a fundraiser order?

You will earn 40% of the net profits. So that means, 15% of our profits go to the Sepsis Foundation and 40% of the profits go to your organization. A total of 65% of our profits will go to other organizations! The minimum order needs to be $800 retail in order to qualify as a fundraiser order.

How long should our fundraiser last?

The length of the fundraiser is completely up to you, however based upon experience, we recommend 3 weeks for a successful fundraiser.

Which fragrances will we get to choose from?

We will choose our top 10 selling fragrances. We anchor our choices around floral (i.e., Honeysuckle) fruits (Citrus Cream), clean/fresh (i.e., Sunwashed Linen) and foods (i.e., Apple Cinnamon). The selection of fragrances will appeal to every supporter of your organization.

Can we customize our fundraiser?

Yes, you can choose one fragrance by which you can ‘brand’ the fragrance to your organization. For example, if your organization is called “XYZ”, you can choose one fragrance from our set of 10 fragrances, such as White Tea and Ginger, and change the name to XYZ. Our most successful events have incorporated this unique fundraising feature and our past fundraising partners have loved this!

How do I calculate the final selling price?

If you are not charging taxes, then it’s strictly the retail price of the candle.

If you are charging taxes, then the retail price on the fundraising form will be all inclusive, that is, retail plus the taxes.

Please note, shipping costs are not included.