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Where Our Journey Began…..A Solution to a Minor Problem

Throughout the past 10 years, I purchased what I thought were high end candles; instead, what I got were minimally fragranced candles with a ton of soot at an incredibly high price. I knew of only one way to solve this problem and that was to make my own. After years of perfecting my recipe, I began selling our luxury candles at an affordable price and the word was out; my product was now in high demand. Validation of this is 92% of our customers are repeat buyers.

How Our Journey Evolved….A Major Problem Identified

In late 2013, my sister-in-law became a below knee/below elbow quad-amputee due to sepsis and toxic shock. The doctors did not think she would survive the infections; they gave her only a 5% chance of survival. She went through about twenty surgeries and 7 months in the hospital before she was able to return home.

I am here today to promote the word SEPSIS. 50% of the general public have never heard of the word and alarmingly, sepsis kills 258,000 Americans annually.  Had she known the word and the symptoms, she would have sought care much earlier by asking her doctors, “Do I have sepsis?” Patients and healthcare providers must work together if we are going to successfully fight sepsis.

How We Are Collectively Supporting A Solution to a Major Problem

After experiencing this preventable emotional and life changing event, we are now on a mission to ensure awareness is brought to the forefront of all patients entering the hospital with flu-like symptoms and require blood tests be administered for sepsis. This mission is not in vein, we are donating 15% of our profits to ensure legislation changes which will require blood tests for sepsis.  This simple test gives future patients a fighting chance with minimal collateral damage.

A candle is a want, saving lives is a need.  Please consider this when purchasing your next candle and be a part of our journey of raising Sepsis awareness.  To learn more, please visit the Sepsis Foundation at www.Sepsis.org